Wire communication and wireless communication


Wire communication refers to the communication equipment, the transmission needs to be connected by cable, that is, the use of overhead cables, coaxial cables, optical fiber, audio cable and other transmission medium to transmit information.
Advantages and disadvantages
Wired communication equipment is the biggest advantage of strong anti-interference, high stability, have a certain degree of confidentiality, fast transmission rate, bandwidth can be infinite; but the wired communication influenced by the environment, poor scalability, attenuation, construction difficulty, poor mobility, high cost.
Wire communication equipment
The wired communication equipment commonly used are: computer, TV, telephone, PCM, optical machine etc..
wireless communication
Wireless communication refers to the communication which does not require physical connection lines, that is, the use of electromagnetic signals can be transmitted in the free space characteristics of the exchange of information.
Advantages and disadvantages
The wireless communication device is the greatest advantage of environment, does not require the limit line, has a certain mobility, can be in the mobile state through wireless communication, low construction difficulty, low cost; but the wireless communication equipment interference is weak, the transmission rate is slow, the bandwidth is limited, there are restrictions on the transmission distance, low cost. But wireless communications are changing the technology so that the transmission rate is higher (802,11n rate can reach 100Mbps, no less than wire communication), more stable and convenient, so wireless communications equipment will be the trend of development.
Wireless communication equipment
Satellite, radio station, wireless TV (bus or subway), wireless LAN, mobile phone (mobile phone), mobile phone, GPRS, Internet access, etc.

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