Use grease to identify the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used cable


    Ointment is mainly cork paste and cable cream, under normal circumstances should be filled with the entire loose cork pulp, cable cream should be filled with pressure under the cable cable core of each gap. Now there are filled with half or less of the practice, the cork is only in the cable outside the wipe a layer, and some are in the middle of the cable is not filling the middle. This will make the fiber can not be a good protection, affecting fiber attenuation and other transmission performance, poor waterproof performance of less than the national standard, once the cable accidental seepage will lead to the entire link seepage scrapped. And under normal circumstances, even if the accidental seepage only need to repair a section of water can be, and do not need to re-over. (National standards require water resistance: three meters of cable, one meter of water column pressure, twenty-four hours without seepage.) If the difference with the same ointment will appear above the problem, and may be due to poor thixotropy , The fiber will cause micro-bend loss, the entire transmission characteristics of the link failed; if the ointment with acid and metal in the cable material H reaction precipitation of hydrogen molecules, and fiber F attenuation will rapidly increase, resulting in the entire Link interrupt transmission.

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