Special optical cable special purpose


1, Ribbon cable
The optical fiber cable is made by uniting a plurality of single optical fibers through the colored, stacked ribbons and the secondary plastic ribbons. There are two kinds of optical fiber, that is, encapsulation type and edge stick type, the former can withstand lateral pressure, the latter is thinner. There are 4, 8, 12 or 16 fibers in each band. In-band optical fiber pitch 0.28mm (for 4,8) and 0.3mm (for 12 and 16), neatly arranged, the vertical direction of the flatness, that is, the deviation from the requirements, such as not more than 30,40,50um The number of optical fibers within the band), in order to cluster (welding) to continue. In-band optical fiber orderly use of chromatography, which is conducive to overhauling and connecting the same error. Fiber ribbon with small size, fiber optic cable can increase the bulk density, can form a large number of cores, such as 320 until 3456 core. Apply to the current rapid development of optical access network.
2, All-media self-supporting optical cable
Referred to as ADSS (= All Dielectric self-support) cable, where the tensile strength of the reinforcing element is not metal but aramid yarn and glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). Mainly used in high voltage applications, such as power and railway communication systems; the same time, across the river or complex terrain and other large span occasions. ADSS cable can not power construction, resistance to tracking, wide temperature range.
3, Ground composite cable
Referred to as OPGW (= Optical Power Grounded Waveguide), also known as optical overhead ground wire, power transmission lines in the ground for communication with optical fiber unit. This type of optical cable achieves both performance, that is, the electrical and mechanical properties of the ground cable are not impaired due to the optical fiber being installed, and the optical fiber unit should be properly protected without being damaged. There are lead frame type, stainless steel tube type and submarine cable type and so on.
4, Submarine cable
Cable laying in the sea, there are shallow sea and deep sea applications. The characteristics of this cable; one is to withstand a lot of hydrostatic pressure (increase the pressure of 1 ton per 10m) and the drag force during casting; the second is to prevent hydrogen invasion of optical fiber. It has been confirmed that hydrogen will cause the fiber to increase attenuation; third, the span of the relay section is large. In the submarine cable fiber units are placed in the center of the cable and in the stainless steel pipe. The tube outside the high-strength steel arch arch structure. Wire layer and then wrapped in copper pipe for the far supply, but also makes the cable laying micro / macro bend does not occur. Then extrude the outer sheath. It may also be sold to prevent weapon damage, including shark bites. In our country, Shanghai, Qingdao and Shantou have the international optical cable landing.

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