Some common fiber optic connectors (Part 2)


   (5) type MT-RJ connector
   The MT connector MT-RJ started in the development of NTT, RJ-45 and LAN with the same type of electrical connector latch mechanism, the guide pins are installed in the small casing on both sides of the alignment of optical fiber and optical transceiver for optical fiber connector end face is connected to a dual core (0.75mm interval) arrangement design, is mainly used for data transmission in the next generation of high density optical connector.
   (6) type LC connector
   The LC type connector is developed by the famous Bell Institute, and is made of handy modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. The sizes of the pins and sleeves adopted are half the size of ordinary SC, FC and so on, and 1.25mm. Thus, the density of the optical fiber connector in the optical distribution frame can be improved. At present, in the aspect of single-mode SFF, connectors of LC type have actually occupied the leading position, and the applications in multi-mode are also increasing rapidly.
   (7) type MU connector
   MU (Miniature unit Coupling) is currently using the SC connector connector for the largest foundation by NTT developed the world's smallest single core optical fiber connector, the connector casing with 1.25mm diameter and self maintaining mechanism, its advantage is to achieve high density mounting. Utilizing the MU l.25mm diameter bushing, NTT has developed a series of MU connectors. They are used for socket type optical connector cable connection (MUA Series), with self retaining plate connector mechanism (MUB Series) and to simplify the socket connection LD / PD module and plug (MU-SR Series). With the rapid development of fiber network to larger bandwidth and larger capacity, and the wide application of DWDM technology, the demand for MU connector will increase rapidly.

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