Single-fiber fiber-optic transceivers and dual-fiber optical transceivers how to distinguish


Single-mode dual-mode in specific applications, the amount of multi-mode is higher than the single-mode, mainly in the 500m wiring within the following, multi-mode has been able to meet, although the performance is better than single-mode single-mode 500m or more bandwidth requirements High environment applications.Most enterprise applications such as large-scale site.Because the optical fiber module stability and performance is much better than the transceiver, so in the single-mode performance requirements of this higher application environment, very few Enterprises will use the transceiver, but directly with the module to replace the natural production single-mode transceiver manufacturers less, the price is high.


The single-fiber, two-fiber generally have two ports, and two-fiber two-port distance closer, respectively marked TX, RX, a send, a receiver, is specified; P2 indicates that the two ports can be sent and received, that is, with a port to complete the transceiver, so called single-fiber. Optical transceiver TX, RX is representative of the hair and hair. There are two optical transceivers: one is a single mode, one is a dual-mode, like a single line if the road may be a traffic jam, if it is more smooth on the double line, it is clear dual-mode transceiver transceiver stability Good point. Single fiber is between two transceivers with only one optical fiber connection can be, and dual fiber is more common, you need to use two fibers, the price is slightly higher on the single-fiber.


Multi-mode transceiver to receive multiple transmission modes, transmission distance is relatively close, single-mode transceiver to receive a single mode; transmission distance. Although the multi-mode are in the elimination, but because the price is much lower in the monitoring ah close transfer there are many in use. Multimode transceiver and multi-mode fiber corresponds to single-mode and single-mode corresponding, can not be mixed.

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