Optical fiber jumper making note


Optical fiber jumper production, many links will have an impact on fiber jumpers, the following we look at the production process of optical fiber patch cord in various aspects of the impact of fiber jumper.

First, the plastic injection preparation: before grinding is mainly for glue and mortise treatment. The first is the choice of glue, most of the more standardized fiber jumper factory have chosen 353ND. However, this glue is not environmentally friendly, so this time we chose a better Loctite 0151, although the cost is high, but the amount of plastic injection, so a fiber jumper to increase less than 1 point / head. Glue ratio is good, the high-speed rotation, which will be thrown out of the bubble, to avoid the future due to temperature changes on the optical fiber stress changes, resulting in micro-bend fiber attenuation increases.

Second, optical fiber pretreatment: stripping fiber, the introduction of professional stripping tools, mainly for the stripping of the coating to reduce the damage on the optical cladding. For multimode fiber, this effect is not significant, but the single-mode fiber, the impact is relatively large. Single-mode fiber which has a parameter called mode field diameter, indicating that single-mode fiber cladding is to pass part of the optical signal. In theory, if the fiber cladding is damaged, the polarization mode dispersion will increase, and the attenuation will increase.

Third, fiber optic ferrule assembly: Ferrule assembly can reduce the cost of about 4-5 points / head, do not underestimate the few cents. Ceramic ferrule, unified use of Japanese Seiko ceramic ferrule, the cost is high, but its eccentric is very good. With a simple method you can initially determine the quality of the ferrule, the optical fiber into the ferrule, and then lift the fiber back to see if the ferrule from the optical fiber self-slide, good ferrule, it will not fall from the fiber of.

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