Introduction of fiber optic cable connection


   1, open the stripping cable, and the cable fixed to the connection box. Be careful not to hurt the beam tube, peel the length of about 1m, with the toilet paper to wipe the ointment, the cable into the box, fixed wire must be pressed, can not be loose. Otherwise, it may cause the cable to roll broken core.
   2, fiber will be fiber through the heat shrink tube. Will be different beam tube, different colors of fiber separated, through the heat shrink tube. Stripping the coating of the fiber is very fragile, the use of heat shrink tubing, can protect the fiber welded joints.
   3, open the welding machine power supply, the use of preset procedures for welding, and in use and after the timely removal of welding machine dust, especially the fixture, the mirror and V-groove within the dust and fiber broken. CATV uses fiber with conventional single-mode fiber and dispersion displacement single-mode fiber, the working wavelength is also 1310nm and 1550nm two. Therefore, before welding, according to the system used in the optical fiber and operating wavelength to select the appropriate welding procedures. If there is no special circumstances, generally use automatic welding procedures.
   4, the production of fiber end. Fiber end of the production of good or bad will directly affect the quality of the connection, so before welding must be done qualified face. With a special stripping forceps stripping coating, and then dip the alcohol on the bare cotton wiping several times, forced to moderate, and then use precision fiber cutting knife cutting fiber, 0.25mm (outer coating) fiber, Cutting length of 8mm-16mm, 0.9mm (outer coating) fiber, cutting length can only be 16mm.
   5, place the fiber. Place the fiber in the V-groove of the welding machine. Carefully press the fiber plate and the fiber clamp. Set the position of the optical fiber in the press plate according to the length of the fiber cutting, and close the windshield to finish the welding in just 11 seconds.
   6, out of the fiber heating furnace with heat pipe. Open the windshield, the fiber from the welding machine removed, and then heat shrink tubing on the bare fiber center, into the heating furnace heating. Heater can use 20mm miniature heat shrink tubing and 40mm and 60mm general heat shrink tubing, 20mm heat shrink tube to be 40 seconds, 60mm heat shrink tubing for 85 seconds.
   7, fixed fiber. Will be connected to a good fiber tray to the fiber tray, in the fiber, the larger the radius of the circle, the greater the curvature of the entire line less loss. So be sure to maintain a certain radius, so that the laser in the core transmission, to avoid some unnecessary loss. 8 sealed and hung. Wild box must be sealed to prevent water. After the water is welded into the tank, the fiber and the fiber splice are immersed in the water for a long time, and some of the fiber attenuation may increase first. Apply a stainless steel hook and hang on a hanging wire. At this point, fiber splicing is completed.

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