Identify the pros and cons of commonly used optical cable


   Optical fiber. Optical fiber is the most core raw material in fiber optic cable, and good fiber optic cable usually uses high quality fiber core of the factory. Usually with lower fiber and inferior optical fiber smuggling unknown, the optical fiber due to complicated sources, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, sometimes also often mixed with multimode fiber in single-mode fiber, and the general lack of small plant detection equipment must be, can not make a judgment on the fiber quality, the quality is guaranteed. In addition, some of them are bought with short fiber, and then they are made into optical fiber cable. Because of the naked eye can not distinguish the fiber, often encounter problems in the construction are: low transmission rate, short distance, fiber attenuation, and pigtail docking, lack of flexibility, when the fiber plate is easily broken, even a single fiber is a multimode, the other end is single.
   Color ink. In order to facilitate the construction of discriminating between the requirements of the national standard fiber, fiber and loose tube to a bright color. High quality cable according to the standard use of high-quality ink color, color is very bright and not easy to fall off. But the inferior cable will use inferior ink coloring or simply not coloring. The ink color is not bright and sometimes inferior easy to dissolve in the fiber paste to color to distinguish, coloring is for the construction of great inconvenience.

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