How to distinguish optical fiber


Color discrimination: yellow represents a single mode, orange represents multimode.
Coat identification: 50/125, 62.5/125 is multimode, and may be labeled mm, 9/125 (g652) is a single-mode, and may be marked with SM
Fiber grinding end: under the magnifying glass can be identified, multi-mode concentric circle, single mode in the middle of a black spot.
Welding machine welding from the screen can be identified: multimode fiber in the middle no IOUs, single mode in the middle of a ious. At the same time, the splicer does not calculate the splice loss of multi-mode fiber optic cable. Single mode and multi-mode fiber splicer can not be welded.
The single-mode transceiver can be used in multimode fiber optic links, but note that the jumper should be multimode.
According to the mode of signal transmission in optical fiber, there are two main types: single-mode and multi-mode. The mode usually refers to the transmission path of the optical signal in the optical fiber, and the single-mode transmission path is the central axis. A plane plane is cut along the central axis of the optical fiber, and the optical signal is transmitted on the plane by using total reflection. Fiber can have this kind of plane infinitely many, so the transmission path of optical signal will be infinite, that is, there are infinite kinds of modes, so the optical fiber is called multimode fiber.
Single-mode fiber core size is generally 8~10um, in the single-mode, the signal spread in a straight line, that is, a model. Multimode cores are larger, 50um or 62.5um, and can be transmitted in multiple modes simultaneously.
Single mode transmission has high bandwidth and long transmission distance. It is mainly used in medium and long distance signal transmission systems, such as fiber to home, subway and road network with equal distance. However, since single-mode cores are relatively small, they require precise docking when coupled to the transmitter, thus coupling to a higher light source. This increases the price of other parts of the single-mode fiber network system, and the price of single-mode optical transmitters is much more expensive than that of multimode transmitters. When using single mode connector for terminal connection, we must pay attention to precise docking, otherwise it will produce higher insertion loss and reduce the performance of Fiber Optic Splice Closure transmission. Multimode can be used to transmit short distance networks. In fact, the wiring of multimode fiber can support Gigabit Ethernet 550 meters vertical system wiring and short distance buildings subsystem, and 40G/100G network data center 150 meters. Moreover, the photoelectric conversion elements of multimode fiber systems are cheaper than single-mode, and field installation and termination are simpler.log on to our official  for more details :

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