How is the fiber optic cable welded?


   Part of the friends will ask this question, then the fiber optic cable broken to change it? In fact, fiber optic cable broken, fiber optic cable can be welded, then, how is the fiber optic cable welding?
   Fiber optic cable precautions
   1, optical fiber is a delicate fragile device, in the course of operation to be careful everywhere.
   2, fiber in the erection, welding is completed after the test work, the use of the instrument is mainly OTDR tester, you can test, the location of optical fiber breakpoint; fiber-optic link full loss; understand the loss along the fiber length distribution; Joint loss. For accurate testing, the pulse size and width of the OTDR tester should be appropriately selected and set according to the index of the refractive index n given by the manufacturer. In determining the point of failure, if the cable length is not known in advance, can be placed on the automatic OTDR, find the general point of the fault point, and then on the senior OTDR. The pulse size and width of the choice of a little smaller, but with the length of the cable corresponds to the blind area to reduce until the coincidence with the line, the pulse width is more accurate, of course, the pulse is too small after the curve shows the noise, just right. And then add the probe tray, the purpose is to prevent near the blind area is not easy to find. When the breakpoint is judged, if the breakpoint is not at the connection box, it will open the module at the nearest connection, connect the OTDR tester, test the exact distance from the test point, and make it easy to find the point of failure by using the meter on the cable The When using the meter to find the fault, there is a stranding rate problem for the stranded cable, that is, the length of the cable and the length of the fiber are not equal, the length of the fiber is about 1.005 times the length of the cable, the use of the above method can be successfully ruled out Multiple breakpoints and high loss points.

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