Four flame retardant materials for wire netting


   The data center will generally place a large number of network devices, so security is essential, in addition to fire safety risks is particularly prominent, because the data center equipment kept running, emitting a large amount of heat, it is easy to cause a fire. Over six types of network cable as the main transmission medium, in the data center of the computer room must exist in large numbers. The use of flame retardant materials as the skin of the super six cable network is one of the major data centers to prevent fire a major method. And the production of super six kinds of cable flame retardant materials, there are four kinds:
   1, CM low smoke zero halogen, by contrast the data of relatively less, the primary effect is not very significant, burnt up small fire, cable is not very cheap price, so this is not for information about the occupation, just a few cable manufacturers will willing to send this information to use shoddy.
   2,CMX low smoke halogen free, this is low smoke halogen free inside grade, inside the lowest one, fire burning hours have certain open flame, but the fire is not very big, the quoted cost is relatively cheap.
   3, CMR low smoke halogen free, this information comparison applies, the first suitable straight use, but also everyone loves this information. It reflects the burning up for a while, will be calmed down, fine smoke, the role of significant contrast, the current domestic and foreign customers like the line.
   4, CMP low smoke zero halogen, the highest level of this data is a first, in forced ventilation environment using its smokeless, no fire, very good, price is more expensive, the domestic use is not many, the first in the use of more developed countries.
   With the continuous progress of science and technology, the production of more than six kinds of network related technologies are maturing, and related technical parameters have been further optimized. Super Six cable as a transmission medium and the building of the underlying infrastructure, which is a kind of flame retardant cable, emit toxic gases and less acidic gas in incineration, heat and smoke less, fire safety of buildings, personnel, information, etc. are essential. And our country in the use of low smoke, halogen free ultra six kinds of cable network is very small, and its domestic market also need to vigorously expand.

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