Fiber optic cable splicing


    Ready to work :
Fiber splice welding requires not only professional welding tools but also many common tools to assist with this task, such as scissors, vertical knife and so on.
Installation work:
Generally, we are all through the optical fiber box to hold the optical fiber, the outdoor access to the black protective skin wrapped optical fiber from the rear of the box into the rear of the optical fiber box. Wrap and fix the fiber in the fiber box to prevent it from being loosened for everyday use.
Peeled work:
The first black fiber appearance peeled, probably removed about 1 meter long. Then use the utility knife to remove the protective layer inside the fiber. Pay special attention to that because the optical fiber core is made of glass fiber, it can be easily broken, and once it is broken, the data can not be transmitted normally.
Cleaning job :
No matter how careful we are in the peeling work, there is no guarantee that the glass filaments are not contaminated so we have to clean the glass filaments before the welding work begins. More common method is to use paper towels stained with alcohol, and then wipe clean each small root fiber.

   Socket work:
After cleaning, we need to put the two optical fibers that need to be spliced into the optical fiber heat-shrinkable tube respectively. The optical fiber thermal-shrinkable tube is mainly used for connecting the glass filament to the connecting part and forming a new protective layer after heating.
Welding work:
Place the fiber with exposed glass filaments on both ends of the sheath to place in the fiber fusion splicer. Then the glass wire fixed, press the SET button to start welding. Can be seen from the optical fiber fusion splicer glass screen at both ends of the docking situation, if the right is not too crooked, then the instrument will automatically adjust the alignment, of course, we can also manually adjust the position of the button X, Y. Wait for a few seconds to complete the optical fiber welding work.
Packing work:
Finished fiberglass fiber also exposed outside, it is easy to break. At this time you can use just put on the fiber heat shrink tubing fixed. Put the fiber heat shrink tubing into the heater and press "HEAT" key to start the heating. After 10 seconds, it can be taken out, thus completing the welding work of a core. Finally, it is also necessary to place the spliced fiber in the fiber receiving box.

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