Fiber optic cable industry enters boom cycle


From the second half of 2015, fiber optic cable industry boom inflection point. Refresh procurement history, accounting for 30% of world demand. Anti-dumping has caused domestic demand to be tight. In 2015 the Ministry of Commerce decided to impose anti-dumping duties on the imported optical fiber preform anti-dumping final. Import tariffs for light, the price increase of 15%-30%, the domestic light supply shortage, to further promote the fiber optic cable prices. This increase is not caused by emergencies, mainly supply and demand balance changes, from the historical price range, there is still much room to rise.
According to the China Telecom forecast, in 2020, China's optical fiber access rate will exceed 60%, the number of users reached 280 million, an average annual growth rate of about 26%.
Push in the national policy, the huge power grid infrastructure The Belt and Road, direct drive cable increased demand; with the construction of 4G network in full swing, the communication cable market ushered in the great development of China's defense spending has maintained two digit growth, long-term development of basic special cable.
New technologies bring new prospects. NB-IoT rapid development of Internet of things, China Telecom as the representative of the three operators clear 2017 NB-IOT achieve full network coverage, this new technology will rebuild the new pattern of optical communications industry.
Data show that the domestic fiber optic cable demand growth rate of about 40% in 2016, will continue to maintain more than 20% growth in 2017. The fiber prices will continue to rise, is expected in September will be increased to 60-65 yuan / Jicai core km. The lack of market of optical fiber and cable high boom of cognition, from investigation of major manufacturers and operators, the current optical fiber cable high boom than expected, the price is in the loose fiber prices higher than 30%, the price is still upward impulse, boom is expected to continue until 2017 2-3 quarter.

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