Fiber jumpers, pigtails, fiber optic connectors What is the difference between, respectively, in what place?


Pigtail is generally used to connect fiber optic cable, pigtail only one head, the fiber jumper cut, split into two is the pigtail!


Connector also known as coupler, generally used in fiber optic box, fiber pigtail connected in the fiber end of the coupler, card in the fiber box, and the other to connect fiber jumpers! . Coupler can not, just to prevent the pigtail easy to damage! .
Fiber jumpers single or dual core:


Single core: a fiber optic cable, two connectors, monitoring are single-core, in a line responsible for the information received with the hair, this is called simplex transmission!


Dual-core: two fiber optic lines, four connectors, the network is used in dual-core, in two lines responsible for a signal to a hair, this is called duplex transmission means!


There are four connectors


Two types of circles:


Threaded mount is: ST head, mainly used in the old program in the optical fiber box, the thread of the mouth of the fixed screw mouth is not good!


Threaded mouth: FC head is mainly used for monitoring system, generally all optical terminals are FC port!


Square head of the two:


Generous head: SC head is mainly used for all domestic fiber optic transceivers are SC head!


Small square head: LC head high precision, mainly used for optical module switch, Huawei and Cisco's three-tier or two switches or other special industrial equipment!

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