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Fiber is divided into two categories:
Single-mode fiber: The general fiber jumper is indicated by yellow, the connector and the protective cover are blue; the transmission distance is longer.
Multi-mode fiber: The general fiber jumpers are indicated by orange, and some are gray, and the connectors and protections are beige or black; the transmission distance is shorter.
Use of fiber attention!
Fiber optic jumper at both ends of the optical transceiver transceiver wavelength must be consistent, that is, both ends of the fiber must be the same wavelength of the optical module, a simple distinction is the color of the optical module to be consistent. R> In general, shortwave optical modules use multimode fiber (orange fiber), and longwave optical modules use single mode fiber (yellow fiber) to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.
Do not over-bend and circulate the fiber in use, which will increase the attenuation of the light in the transmission process.
Fiber optic jumper must be used after the protective cover to protect the fiber optic joints, dust and oil will damage the coupling of the fiber. (ADSS cable)

Fiber Optic Jumper Features:
1. The use of a small concentricity error and the hole diameter of the high-precision ceramic ferrule, to provide additional insertion loss and return loss, to avoid the decline in transmission performance and optical transceiver damage.
2. The use of advanced grinding technology and grinding equipment to ensure that the center of the optical fiber grinding offset, optical fiber sag and the radius of the ceramic surface radius of the technical parameters are in line with the provisions of the standard.
3. In order to ensure the long-term use of the connector, the company not only decapsulates the joint and back reflection test, but also uses the precision interferometer to test the surface of the joint scratches or flaws, measured FC, ST, SC, LC and MU type Curvature half by, grinding offset, fiber depression and protrusion to ensure joint quality.
4.100% optical full detection, each jumper are guaranteed to have good grinding quality and excellent performance indicators.
5. According to the needs of customers configured for single-core, dual-core or multi-core and other different core types. Fiber products and PVC and LSOH different fire rating, to provide design flexibility.
6. Insertion loss is small, return loss, interchangeability, repeat the excellent performance of plug, easy to use.
7. In line with ANSI / TIA / EIA and ISO / IEC for durability, moisture, coupling stress, fiber tensile force and wet, extreme temperature, plug force and cable tensile stress, impact and vibration and other harsh environmental adaptability Claim.
8. Environmental stability, environmental testing by Telcordia standard. Cable color multiple choice. (ADSS cable).log on to our official website for more details :

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