Fiber Adapter ST and FC and LC What is the difference?


Fiber optic adapter, also known as fiber coupler, fiber optic flange, called around different. It is mainly in the optical fiber exposed in the implementation of the same or different optical fiber connector docking, so that the implementation of the light path in the loss of very little traffic. It can be the two sections of the fiber precision docking, so that the output optical fiber output of the maximum energy can be coupled to the receiving fiber, and because of its involvement in the optical link to minimize the impact on the system. Applicable to telecommunication system, limited TV network, local area network, optical area network, FTTH fiber-to-the-home, video transmission, test instrument


FC Fiber Optic Adapter:
The external way is to strengthen the use of metal sets, fastening method for the screwdriver. FC type of connector, the use of ceramic pins of the butt end. This kind of connector has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and easy fabrication. However, the fiber end face is sensitive to dust, and it is easy to produce Fresnel reflection and improve the return loss performance. Later, this type of connector has been improved, the use of docking spherical surface of the pin (PC), while the external structure has not changed, making the insertion loss and return loss performance has been greatly improved.


SC Fiber Optic Adapter:
The housing has a rectangular shape, and the structure of the pin and the coupling sleeve is the same as the FC type. Which pin the end of the use of PC or APC type grinding method; fastening method is the use of plug pin latch type, without rotation. Equipped with metal shrapnel, easy to conceal the use of. Such connectors are inexpensive, easy to insert and pull operation, low insertion loss fluctuation, high compressive strength, and high installation density.


ST Fiber Optic Adapter:
For the key with the snap-type locking structure to ensure accurate alignment when connected with a strong tensile strength, metal key positioning, improve the repeatability and durability of the adapter, the use of precision ceramic or copper sleeve to ensure that Long-term stability of the mechanical properties and optical properties. Rectangular structure, tapping riveting installation easy to use.


LC Fiber Optic Adapter:
(RJ) latching mechanism for easy operation. The pins and sleeves are small in size, which improves the density of the optical fiber connector in the optical fiber distribution frame. The use of precision ceramic sleeve, to ensure long-term stability of the mechanical and optical properties.

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