Differences between multimode and singlemode in optical fiber


Multimode fiber
Multimode fibers transmit optical signals through multiple paths; they are usually recommended for distances less than a mile.
The effective distance of the multimode fiber from the transmitter to the receiver is approximately 5 miles. The available follower is also affected by the type and quality of the transmitting / receiving device; the stronger the light source, the more sensitive the receiver is and the farther it is. Studies have shown that the bandwidth of multimode fiber is about 4000Mb / s.
The single-mode fiber is fabricated to eliminate pulse broadening. As the core size is very small (7-9 microns), thus eliminating the light jump. A focused laser source was used at 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths. These lasers directly illuminate the tiny core and propagate to the receiver without significant jumps. If you can multi-mode compared to hunting, can also put a lot of projectiles loaded into the barrel, then the single-mode is the rifle, a single light like a bullet.


Single-mode fiber
The single-mode fiber has a thinner core that allows the light to be emitted directly to the center. It is recommended to use a longer distance.
In addition, the distance loss of the single-mode signal is smaller than that of the multimode. Multimode fiber may lose 50% of its LED's optical signal intensity at a distance of 3000 feet, while single mode will only lose 6.25% of its laser signal at the same distance.
Single-mode bandwidth potential makes it the only choice for high-speed and long-distance data transmission. Recent tests have shown that a single-mode fiber optic cable can be 40G Ethernet 64-channel transmission up to 2,840 miles distance.
In security applications, the most common determinant of multimode or singlemode is distance. If only a few miles, the preferred multimode, because the LED transmitter / receiver than single mode laser is much cheaper. If the distance is greater than 5 miles, the best single-mode fiber. Another issue to consider is bandwidth; if future applications may include the transmission of large bandwidth data signals, then the single-mode will be the best choice.

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