Cable manufacturers to identify the pros and cons of the method


    Fiber optic cable core generally have a longer service life, long-term working environment, the cable cable core load will be heavier transmission, while the cable core metal will heat, the entire outer edge of the insulation skin has played a role in defending heat. So the quality of the cable is also a long life. How to identify the quality of true and false cable, especially in the field of specific cable communication transmission, some waste communication cable is how to do high-quality wear it, now to multi-angle analysis.
     First, aramid: also known as Kevlar, is a high-strength chemical fiber, currently used in the military industry, military helmets, bulletproof vest is the production of this material. Currently only DuPont and the Netherlands Aksu can produce, the price is about three hundred thousand tons. Indoor fiber optic cable and power overhead cable (ADSS) are reinforced with aramid yarn, aramine because of the high cost of low-grade indoor fiber optic cable generally do very fine outer diameter, which can reduce the cost of a few shares of aramid, so that Of the cable in the pipe when it is easy to be broken off. ADSS cable is based on the site span, per second wind speed to determine the number of shares in the use of aramid fiber optic cable, construction must be carefully checked before confirmation.
     Second, the skin: indoor fiber optic cable generally used to record ethylene or flame retardant recording ethylene, the appearance should be smooth, bright, flexible, easy to peel. Poor quality optical fiber sheaths are poor, easy and tight sets, aramid adhesions.
Outdoor fiber optic cable PE jacket should be used high-quality black polyethylene, into the cable after the skin formation, bright, uniform thickness, no bubbles. Poor quality fiber optic cable skin is generally used to produce recycled materials, this cable skin rough, because there are many impurities in the raw materials, fine to see the cable sheath has a lot of very small pit wow, laying a period of time will crack,
     Third, the optical fiber: Formal fiber optic cable manufacturers generally use the A-level core, some low-cost low-grade fiber optic cable is usually used C-class, D-class fiber and unknown smuggled fiber, the fiber source is complex, Often have tidal discoloration, and multi-mode fiber is also often mixed with single-mode fiber, and the general lack of a small plant testing equipment, fiber quality can not make judgments.

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